Longfellow Elementary School

Together, We Can Make A Difference

Principal's Message (9.12.11)

Children’s Safety during Drop Off 

With your cooperation children who are dropped off on Morse Street in front of the school are arriving on time at school.  You stop, quickly drop off your children, and move on which enables surrounding traffic to move smoothly. DO NOT PARK in the WHITE ZONE.

We need to improve the drop offs on Lowell Street.  We need your support to implement the following:  The cars from Morse Street need to turn left at Lowell or continue to drive on Morse Street.  These cars must not turn right on Lowell.

 To drop children off on Lowell:  Drive on Mission,  then turn on Lowell.  There will be red cones placed in the middle of the street.  The first cars will drive to the gate, drop off children and move on.  As cars line up for the drop off, staff and volunteers will help open doors along the block to make drop off easier.

Please do not double park in the opposite direction nor jaywalk to drop off your children.

We must keep our children safe!  Thank you for your cooperation!